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The auto orientable Optimist daggerboard

After a long process of experimentation and development carried out with the collaboration of N1 Foils, I am proud to present you a new daggerboard for Optimist, the +1º Plus One Degree, designed by me specifically for high-level sailors.


The key points of the construction of the +1º are the same as those that N1 Foils uses in the elaboration of its foils for the Olympic Class 470:


  • Daggerboard mould and all internal components made with CNC technology (computerized numerical control, with tolerances lower than 1/100 mm)
  • The best fibers and epoxy resins
  • Exclusive Silker surface finish


The main novelty of the + 1º Plus One Degree is that, due to its special design, in upwind this daggerboard is self-oriented in the daggerboard case pointing between 1 and 1,5 degrees (theppending on the hull you use)  higher than the centerline plane, which means a course of no less than 2.5 to 3,75% more direct to the upwind buoy without suffering speed reduction.

On reaches and downwind courses, when we don't need that windward gain, the +1º Plus One Degree performs like a conventional daggerboard, but its sophisticated profile and its Silker finish will help you reach top speed.


The +1º Plus One Degree is made in two versions, depending on the weight of the sailor who must use it: the FLEXON, for sailors weighing less than 43 kg and the DYNAMIC, for sailors weighing more than 43 kg.


Both models will perfectly meet the needs of the majority of Optimist sailors, but nevertheless the +1º Plus One Degree can be made to order with a flex index tailored for sailors with specific needs or preferences.

Installing the foil

The +1º PLUS ONE DEGREE daggerboard needs to be able to auto orientate to windward in the upwind courses. It is absolutely normal and even necessary that the foil “dances” a little inside the daggerboard case when the boat is not sailing. It is because of the lack of the pressure the water creates during the navigation.


What we recommend is to use 4 pieces of Teflon tape of 4 cm long and 1 mm thick. Put them at the top and the bottom of each side of the daggerboard case interior starting at 5 cm from the rear end. They will fix the foil there and will allow the front movement side to side, which makes the daggerboard point higher than the boat and gain windward during the navigation upwind.

For further information, eduard@eduardrodes.eu